Eerie silence

I love running, you probably guessed that by now. The increased heart rate, the endorphins, the challenge of pushing myself further and faster than I ever thought I could. But right now, things are strange.

When I run, I focus outwardly, I observe nature, practice gratitude and generally turn my mind away from the pain of running and the normal negative thoughts (stop now, slow down, that’s far enough, I can’t do this etc).

Normally this means I notice a lot of activity, such as traffic levels, walkers, other runners, wildlife (some beautiful birds of prey around here!) and of course other people carrying on their life. Although I live in a small village in Oxfordshire, there is usually plenty of life around here to keep me distracted from my internal struggles on my runs.

Since this madness has all started I have only been out for 2 runs, opting more for my treadmill instead. This is mostly because we now have a 2 week old little girl to look after so I have stayed close to home. Now as life is starting to settle down somewhat I am going back outside for my runs and looking to getting back into my training programme.

It’s a bit eerie out now though!

On both runs, I have seen nobody at all. Ok, I am running early in the morning, but I usually do, it’s my way. Today I only ran for 30 minutes because I stubbed my toe badly last night (thought I had broke it, but I haven’t!) and honestly, I felt like I was a sole survivor of some virus pandemic, wait, oh, well I’m glad not all of that is true!!

It’s very strange being out and seeing nobody, hearing no human life at all. Makes me realise how much we need each other, even just for the small things, a ‘good morning’ or simply a nod from another person makes a difference.

When our scientists find the way to beat this virus and we return to some form of normality, I pray that we ‘take a breath’, give rightful recognition to the people who have been supporting us all (couriers, lorry drivers, manufacturing, nurses, doctors, firefighters, military, shop workers, midwives etc) and someone does something to improve their status in our world. Pay them more, appreciate them, improve their working conditions, give them the respect they deserve. Yes, we need the scientists, politicians, business leaders and so on, these are the groups that will deliver the vaccine. But they are not the ones keeping us alive now and keeping the wheels of society turning right now. But not only this, I pray that we learn to appreciate each other on a more basic level, that there is less hate in the world, pipe dream I guess though and probably not for a running blog!

Although, running helps to relax me and focus outward so maybe there is a tenuous link? What do you think? Does running help you in the same way?

Running in this eerie silence of lockdown, brings an acute awareness of solitude, I don’t like it!


One thought on “Eerie silence”

  1. Being retired, I guess we suffer less disruption to normal life – no new working practices and no new financial worries (unless the pension scheme goes bust). I run later in the day so I see a few more people but they are notably polite and courteous in a ‘we’re all in this together’ sort of way.
    On your solitude point, I keep seeing the ‘love in the time of corona’ hashtag – it always reminds me that Sr. Marquez also wrote ‘One Hundred Year of Solitude’. That doesn’t help.
    Stay safe, all of you.

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