Not running can be ok.

I had plans for my weekend. Same as most other weekends, they involved running. Lots of running.

I have been following a plan since November 2019. Things have been going well, predominately anyway. This weekend was part of the ‘rest’ cycle, with only 2 hours of running planned. So easier than most other weekends.

Threshold Sports have recently postponed the Ultra marathon I was taking part in, being pushed back to 2021. Milton Keynes half marathon has been postponed to September, the only other event in my calendar is a trail 10k, which I am also anticipating to be postponed.

I seemed to have lost my running mojo a bit with all the postponements, self isolation, new baby, work challenges.

You might think it’s an excuse I guess, but I am very goal oriented, if I don’t have a real and tangible goal to tackle, I find it hard to get motivated, I easily get sidetracked (cider, over sleeping after a broken nights sleep, home projects, maybe not all at the same time though!).

This weekend’s distraction was lifting a concrete slabbed area in our back garden, smashing up the concrete below and preparing the whole area for turf. I must admit, I actually felt like I had run a half marathon when I was done, but it’s not running, doesn’t show on my metrics and doesn’t improve my running. It does however mean I am improving our family home, so that has to count right?

Today I spent a bit more time getting a big tree root out and levelling the soil some more. I will have to carry on levelling and clearing big stones over the next few weekends but at least the worst is done now.

So I think that sometimes it’s ok not to be running, although I feel like I can hear the weight going back on!! I need to watch that!!

Also, with all the idiots around the country who are not obeying the law and going out without good reason or going out for longer than is truly required, maybe I’m best not going out anyway and if I run at all, use my trusty treadmill. Maybe I should try to set a positive example, I see so many cyclists out on the roads, I’m certain they aren’t out for only 30 minutes, also, a lot of those have turbos they could be using. So if I’m thinking like that, then I should take my own advice and use the treadmill.

Just need to find my mojo…..!