Our new normal?

So. Exciting times eh!? I saw a post on LinkedIn recently and the author who is a highly regarded business guru was talking about ‘as mankind reaches the end of our golden age’ and I thought that it was sensationalism. Maybe, maybe not!

Either way, times are strange right now. We didn’t bulk buy, we don’t have all the toilet rolls, or all of anything else for that matter, preferring to buy what we need when we need it, as normal really. Going shopping now of course makes me a little nervous when it becomes a struggle to find the basics.

Today I ended up paying probably close to twice the amount I would have expected, not that the retailer was ripping me off, more that I ended up in a farm shop where they are just normally more expensive. Even though they are more expensive, there was a huge queue outside when I left, nice to be thanked by the staff for not stockpiling.

If you saw the government update today, the British Retail Consortium is saying that in the last 3 weeks people have spent a billion pounds on food more than normal! That is crazy, please stop it!! Anyone who has seen any apocalypse films or played the games knows it doesn’t end well for the preppers!

Anyway, running! Well, not a lot of that at the moment to be honest. With our new baby settling in and all the excitement of recent days, the most I have managed is a couple of treadmill runs.

I’m waiting to see if the ultra has been postponed or cancelled while Threshold delay their decisions. To be fair, the planned date is July and I think they are hoping everything will be calm by then. My half marathon has been postponed to September, I might defer that to next year now, I guess we have to see how this all pans out. Those are my two main runs this year, and if they are both postponed then I guess I have plenty of time to make back up my fitness losses from this passed week. I am also thinking I am going to have to get used to using the treadmill more again!

I normally use Zwift for running which is ok, I have explored some others but I think now could be a good time to review those and give you my thoughts! So over the coming few weeks I will try some platforms and write some reviews, starting with Zwift!

Talk soon, please stay safe and keep your distance from others!


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