Bit of a struggle

So running, right now, is a bit of a struggle.

After my ultra I have struggled with motivation, struggling with knee pain, with work life balance, with the demands of children blah blah blah! As I type this it sounds like excuses, but quite honestly, it’s been a struggle. I went out today for my first run in 2-3 weeks with a friend, and we ran slowly, deliberately, just because we both need to.

I really enjoyed the slow run.

I was at physiotherapist yesterday to get some help with my knees and he has diagnosed knee bursitis. He gave a massage to the connecting muscles and did dry needling, I left with almost zero pain and my run today only twinged slightly in one knee which was a real relief. I now plan to continue in this way, just taking it gentle, no aims or objectives for a little while, to allow my knees to heal and my mojo to return.

I have a couple of 10k’s planned coming up soon, so I will need to be very careful in those and just accept that I am going to be even slower than normal for a while.

Once I start feeling stronger, I think it would be a good idea to focus on 5k for a while and see how consistent I can get with time and then once consistent, set myself a target! But first, heal, health and mojo!


Ok, so happy running all, and take care.