And not a run in sight!

No running today, family life more important.

Sometimes it’s important to ensure your family knows you value them more than your obsession! Without even mentioning the fact your legs are screaming at you to run! Tomorrow may not be a running day either but we will see, maybe instead I might get a little time on the treadmill or the turbo trainer.

I’ve started listening to ‘Still not Bionic’ by Ira Rainey, seems an interesting listen but it’s early yet, the focus seems to revolve around his battle with mental health issues along with his ultra running journey. I will let you know what I think. Also bought a copy of Dean Karnazes ‘ultramarathon man’ which inspired Ira Rainey, will let you know my thoughts on that too!

Not much to talk about today so going to leave this here just so you don’t think I’ve forgotten!


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