Sometimes it’s a slog

This week has been tough. After slowly building my weekly mileage up, life decided I have not had enough challenges!

Work has been more demanding, home life has too, neither for negative reasons so I can’t complain but today started off with me running to the toilet at 5am to randomly throw up!

And that is where I start to think that this was not my best week for training!

I had already missed two training runs due to work and home life demands so this morning I was determined to run anyway, with the thinking that if I was going to be sick again, at least I could just do it at the side of the road and carry on running. Lovely.

As you may recall, I’m a bit of data junkie so I hate missing my plan, although the bigger picture data trend is great, you can see the impact even a slight hiccup has on the numbers for my TrainingPeaks fitness report, it’s such a ‘hard won’ number, I hate to see it slip!

Horses and ice

The only good thing this week related to running was an unplanned run yesterday, which was supposed to be a rest day. I ran without paying attention to pace or power, or much of anything really, just that I had to be back to see my little girl before she goes to school. So this run, I did a 5k, not fast by other people’s standards at a 10:25 per mile pace, but for me, that’s the fastest I have run in quite a while, what was interesting is that my perceived effort during this run was relaxed, demonstrating to me how much my trainings paying off.

Part of the view on my rest day run

My own wellbeing

Back to today’s run, a slow jaunt around the Cotswolds with a good friend for just 4 miles, thankfully I didn’t have to utilise the side of the road, but it was very slow that’s for sure and uneventful. Always nice to spend time with my friend Mark though. I find this social run to be cathartic, allowing me to exhale the pressures of the week with a likeminded friend, I no longer consider this run to be training for my body, but for my mental wellbeing. The run is now a lot slower than I need for my training plan but I really value it.

I have a 15 miles run planned for tomorrow, not sure yet if that will happen but we will see!

If tomorrow’s run happens, I expect it to be exceptionally slow, but I’m not going to worry about that.


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