Injured, and down

So, a while ago, while on a run, my left knee twinged. The next day I could barely walk.

That was several months ago now, and it’s not improving, I have not been able to run and have a permanent limp. I’ve been to two physios and am now waiting on a hospital referral.

I’ve been doing a little cycling on my turbo trainer, but it’s not the same. It’s amazing the effect it has on mental health. I’ve been super stressed, weight has been going on and lots of things feel bad due to both. Running is not easy, not running is even worse.

Ahh well. I just need to keep moving. I’ve entered the obligatory London Marathon ballot. Let’s see what happens there lol.

I will try to write some more soon, been super busy with work and my mind has not been in a good place for writing tbh.

Talk soon