Bit of a struggle

So running, right now, is a bit of a struggle.

After my ultra I have struggled with motivation, struggling with knee pain, with work life balance, with the demands of children blah blah blah! As I type this it sounds like excuses, but quite honestly, it’s been a struggle. I went out today for my first run in 2-3 weeks with a friend, and we ran slowly, deliberately, just because we both need to.

I really enjoyed the slow run.

I was at physiotherapist yesterday to get some help with my knees and he has diagnosed knee bursitis. He gave a massage to the connecting muscles and did dry needling, I left with almost zero pain and my run today only twinged slightly in one knee which was a real relief. I now plan to continue in this way, just taking it gentle, no aims or objectives for a little while, to allow my knees to heal and my mojo to return.

I have a couple of 10k’s planned coming up soon, so I will need to be very careful in those and just accept that I am going to be even slower than normal for a while.

Once I start feeling stronger, I think it would be a good idea to focus on 5k for a while and see how consistent I can get with time and then once consistent, set myself a target! But first, heal, health and mojo!


Ok, so happy running all, and take care.



2 thoughts on “Bit of a struggle”

  1. I know what you mean about the post-challenge flatness. I was lucky that I’d signed up for the Blenheim triathlon (tomorrow). As someone who doesn’t swim well, even in a pool, facing up to the SOW (scary open water) has been plenty enough challenge for me. Would swimming or cycling provide a bit of useful variety and be better on your knees?


    1. Maybe swimming, yes, it’s not my favourite exercise but it’s definitely worth exploring. My wife suggested cycling too, but I’ve never enjoyed that! I have a bike so might try it again. Although if I’m honest, I would probably be more interested in mountain biking, hmmm. I wonder!

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