My favourite running gear – pt2

Ok, so quite honestly I thought these were a bit of a joke when I first heard about them. I mean underwear for runners, called Runderwear! Why? Just stop it!

Well, as it turns out, for really good reason, at least for some of us in my view, and definitely for me.

I have been running for about 10 years now, essentially I started running because I realised I couldn’t run half a mile to the shops to buy a packet of cigarettes.

I gave up smoking and started running, then quickly found it hurt for lots of reasons. Not least of which being my thunder thighs rubbing together and chafing badly. There have been times when it has been painful to walk for days after a run and my skin has been so chafed it has bled.

I had tried all different types of shorts, ones with inner shorts built-in, very long shorts, very VERY long shorts, very short shorts, none of which really resolved the problem, I then tried things like Skin-glide, Vaseline or any other type of skin lubricant I could find, which all had varying degrees of success of course but I always disliked the process!

I came across Runderwear and gave a pair a try, chafing quickly became a thing of the past and I never ever run without these on anymore. I currently have a pair of their latest Merino wool boxers which are great and currently about £22, which is a bargain!

WMens Merino Boxer Angle 2xhat I like the most about these is clearly no more chafing but they are also supremely comfortable in all the right places 🤐!!

The fact that I won’t run anywhere, any distance now without these is why they have made it to second place on my favourite running gear list.

Since Runderwear started, they have improved their design, materials and range and I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you have any chafing or find the need for Skin-glide etc consider checking their range of products, you might just find a solution here.


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