No running but I’m smiling big time!

So no running for a few days (into day 6 now), I’ve had a lot of ‘restless legs’ going on but a lot more smiles having this little one to cuddle!

I’m hopeful that today I will be able to get on the treadmill for a short run. Maybe just 15 minutes to stretch the legs and then over the next couple of weeks I should be able to get back out there again and run, clearly though family comes first.

With all the news about corona virus and the amount of races being cancelled, I am hoping that The Race to the Stones will still be on this year, but if not, I will just keep repeating my plan. The exercise is never wasted as my health will just keep improving so nothing lost really as my real purpose is to stay healthy.

That’s why having a purpose to your exercise, bigger than immediate goals is so important! There are so many variables in life that it is critical to ensure your purpose is fundamental so that all of life’s distractions and complications can be handled in ways that do not create extra stresses for you.

For example, if my purpose was to complete an ultra marathon in 2020 or to complete a marathon faster than my last one, these goals could be completely derailed by life’s changes (or a pandemic being (mis?)-managed by our government!)

But, as my purpose is to stay healthy so that I am around my family as long as possible, challenges to training become merely bumps along my journey. The (possible!) cancellation of an ‘A’ race becomes a nuisance rather than a disaster!

Again, just another short post to prove I’m still here! As my training restarts, I will post further updates on how that goes, thanks for taking a few minutes to read.



2 thoughts on “No running but I’m smiling big time!”

  1. My 3rd kid is due in a few weeks. I know what it’s like to have to pause training for a little bit!


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