Slow and crappy – literally!

Today was supposed to be a 15 mile run.

After yesterday, when I woke up randomly vomiting, it was always going to be an unlikely event.

My day started ok this time, I have started to try changing my ‘long run process’. So today I started by having breakfast and a coffee which is something I do not normally do but after last weeks long run not particularly going to plan, and with the ultra looming in around 16 weeks, it’s time to start dialling my process in.

So. It started well but my body had other plans and by 10am I had already needed the toilet 3 times. I ended up feeling completely drained and not wanting to be away from a toilet!

So I fired up Zwift and jumped on the treadmill.

That started off ok, I zoned out and stopped thinking about running. Then I glanced at the screen and found I had only ran about 1.5 miles. Zoned back out, glances again, 1.8 miles. This was just not happening today. I was completely sapped of energy, was not enjoying it and time was stretching itself!

At about 2.5 miles I was thinking I would aim for 10, this quickly went to 5, then when I approached 3, I decided to speed the treadmill up and finish at 5k instead, feeling completely exhausted.

Not a great week all round for my running, but hey ho, I can’t get time back so just need to pick it back up next week.

On a happier note, I weighed myself today to find I have lost 8 pounds since January which is encouraging! Only (ha!) 11 more to my target weight. Need to keep working on it!

My plan is to focus back in on the training again but of course I have to be mindful of the fact my wife is due our second baby this Friday(!) so, maybe not worry about it too much, priorities right!


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