Funny how the runs you don’t want to do can end up being the best ones!

How was todays run?

I slept bad, awakened by my daughter at 4am for some crazy reason which to her made sense I am sure, but to me it was ludicrous, I then got back in bed and spent another 90 minutes (ish) debating if I should just get up and run. When I eventually dragged my sorry ass out of bed and got outside, just as I stepped out the door, it started raining, well thank you very much! That did not improve my mood in the slightest!

But, today was intervals and I just love intervals, I get to have a plod around but also to push myself a bit.

Today was a little different because instead of using data to control my output, I ran by perceived effort, it was interesting because although I was aiming for zone 4 in the high intervals, I was actually running over 3 minutes a mile faster than normal and was easily in high zone 5, yet my effort for 5 out of 6 of these intervals felt great. I felt I was on the lower end of zone 4, although on the 6th interval I definitely felt like I faded (despite the actual power output showing higher!). That said, I am quite impressed with how well I managed to hold my efforts!

I used to hate running intervals, but I have got to the stage in my training, which focuses most of my effort (80% of it) on running slow, so I now look forward to these as they add a welcome variation and the speedwork challenges me to endure the pain, my legs tingle all day long and I often get a rush of endorphins (the runners high), with so much of my plan being low effort, it’s a welcome buzz!

At the end of my run today, I felt absolutely GREAT, note to self, when I don’t want to run, GO RUN!!

Screenshot 2020 02 25 at 19 00 32
Screenshot 2020 02 25 at 18 58 00

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