I run barefoot.

Well almost.

I am often asked about this, some of my running friends laugh at me, some think I’m crazy, others are curious.

This started summer 2019. In 2018 I had some coaching on my running mechanics with a great coach in Oxford, Tony Pound https://www.journeyhappyfp.com.

After some time I read about barefoot running and decided to explore this more, mostly because of the amount of positivity surrounding it.

What I found was that after about a month of pain(!!) while my body adjusted to running with no cushioning, I started to get short intervals of feeling like I was running without any effort, literally feeling like I was simply bouncing along!

Of course. If you have experience with barefoot running, that is the nirvana, it comes from your springy tendons! Sometimes, and so far, it’s only sometimes for me, I can get it just right and running feels effortless because my tendons are acting as springs (essentially). But, it gives me an insight into some of the seemingly impossible achievements of the worlds elite ultra runners may who also run barefoot, or like me, minimalistic. This inspires me to keep running barefoot.

If you can, give barefoot a go, but give it time and take it easy!




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